GNU Pascal and MetroWerks CodeWarrior

GNU Pascal can be used with MetroWerks’ CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment. Most programmers find an IDE faster, more productive and more pleasant to work with than a command line compiler.

version 1.0.3 of GNU Pascal plugins for MetroWerks CodeWarrior (6.1 MB).

To use the plugins, you need MetroWerks CodeWarrior Development Studio version 7, 8 or 9 (Mac OS X target) or CodeWarrior Learning Edition version 3 or 4.

Latest news - the plugins also work with CodeWarrior Development Studio version 10 (and please let me know if they work with the free edition also).
For technical support, please ask your questions on the MacPascal mailing list.

Click to see more screendumps of the compiler and linker. Browser and debugging support are under development.

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